Who Is Tenesa?

I Am Happy to See You at My blog!!!

Why do I consider myself an artisan? I am a passionate and sincerely talented singer/song writer, seamstress, poet, and photographer. Yes, I do it all, and I am good at it, but I also strive for excellence and perfection. I understand that I still have much to learn about my passions, myself and the world around me. My journey is nowhere near over.

My name is Tenesa. I was born and raised in Washington, DC and attended School Without Walls High School. Since childhood I have always been drawn to the arts. A major part of my journey began at Hardy Middle School, where I began to dapple in singing and writing poetry. Over the years my love for the arts began to flourish. By high school, I also became interested in writing lyrics, knitting and fashion. After taking a beginners knitting class at the Museum of Women in the Arts in DC, I began creating my own hand knitted garments. My curiosity and drive for fashion led me to attend Marymount University (Arlington, VA) for fashion design and fashion merchandising. 

Since then, I have learned so much about myself, developed skills, and have met great people in interesting places.  In the past I have worked in different office buildings and other retail environments, including the US Department of Education and Victoria's Secret. These progressive work environments allowed me to polished my selling, people, and communication skills. After studying abroad in London and volunteering during New York Fashion Week I am excited to see where my destiny will take me.

As a recent graduate of Marymount University, I am perusing my dreams full on. As I work on music and sewing projects, I am finding ways to better my craft and network.  My unique fashion sense always gets heads turning. I was recognized in DC's Worn Magazine for my unique street fashion (see blog post) while cruising down one of DC's fashion hub: U Street. Daily, I take steps to move my singing and music production career in the right direction as I write songs and improve my singing voice.

I have created this blog to share with my friends, potential employers and the entire online community about my talents, my ideas and my passions. This blog serves as a online portfolio, a digital scrapbook, and a personal outlet. Through this blog, I hope to train myself to live life to the fullest, while enjoying my artistic outlets. Speaking of artistic outlets, I hope you like the background I created on Adobe Photoshop ;)

So please, make yourself at home, make yourself some tea, curl up in your pajamas and bear witness to Tenesa the Artisan...


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