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On December 5, 2010, I conducted and organized a photo shoot for 2011 Voyage to Utopia Fashion Show. I arranged hair and make up, while styling looks and finding a location. I was able to lead VTU's Creative Team to assist me in running a smooth and organized photo shoot. I was so happy to have their assistance! The girls did an absolutely great job, being that it was 30 degrees outside. The following images are behind the scene photos of the shoot. To view some of the actual pictures, please visit the "My Camera" tab of my blog. Enjoy :)

The Park behind the school was PERFECT for the shoot!

Busy! Busy! Busy! I was a blur most of the day!

Going, going, gone!

Tenesa and Co-coordinator, Nia Whitlow becoming one with the scenery

Pose for the camera!

Model Sacha preparing for the next scene

VTU Creative Team Member Assisting Himadri put on her next outfit

Finding the perfect pose

Brrrr....trying to stay warm!

It's great to have fun while working! :)

Sacha and I hoping to escape from the cold!




What a great Shoot!
What a long day!

The trail of ladies ready to go inside to warm up from a cold winter day!

Big thanks to VTU's Creative Team, Nia Whitlow, VTU's Co-coordinator and Delisa Patterson and Jessica Drake, who did the hair and make-up! Thanks Everyone! 


In 2009 I taught and organized an introductory sewing, textile, and fashion illustration class at the National Museum of Women in the Arts during their Summer Workshop series. The following are pictures from the event. The participants loved what I taught them. I received great marks on the evaluation. The following are pictures from the class. Enjoy :)

Showing the group how my garment details are removable for bleed prevention

I am guiding the girls while showing them fabric, its thread, and its fibers

I am explaining the different weave types to the class

I am showing the class the difference between fashion illustration figure proportions and real figure proportions 

The class practices drawing with me

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