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Sewing is one of my favorite activities. All my hard work is worth it after seeing the finished product of my beautiful creations...enjoy, but please don't exploit :)


Sample of garments done with flats or/and Specs

The background of the following images were created completely using Adobe Photoshop. The garments and accessories are completely handmade.

               Before                                                                                                                          After

Military Inspired Jacket with Victorian Ruffle Details and Fitted Pants

Victorian Imperial Pouf Jacket with High Waist Pencil Skirt-Front Detail

Complete design and pattern by Tenesa. Victorian inspired outfit with intricate details: 2009. Background pattern done by Tenesa on Photoshop: 2011. Model, Shannon Curtis. Photographer, Tenesa Brown.

Classic Linen and Silk Asymmetrical Evening Gown with Decorative Hat. Design, Garment & Accessory by Tenesa Brown. Marymount University Portfolio in Motion 2010 Fashion Show. Model, Charlene Fowler.
To find out more about this collection and other collections by Tenesa Brown, feel free to contact her :)

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